Junior Achievement of Maine

Empower Maine's youth to take control of their finances and careers.

Junior Achievement of Maine (JA) has been active for 50 years. Its mission is to teach Maine students about business, entrepreneurship and finance so they are inspired and prepared to take on fulfilling careers. JA does this through a series of classroom programs in which they match a volunteer from the professional world with a local class to teach a prepared lesson.

The results of this effort are astounding. Study after study shows that students who are exposed to JA are:

More likely to graduate from high school
More likely to continue their education
More likely to have steady, mid- to upper-level jobs
More likely to be entrepreneurs and job creators, and
Less likely to be unemployed, hungry or homeless

Remember, the future of our state is in the hands, hearts and minds of our next generation. Therefore, it is in all our best interests to inspire excellence, ambition and achievement!

How can you contribute to the future of Maine? 

Learn more about becoming a Junior Achievement Volunteer and teaching in the classroom! Learn about all of Junior Achievement's opportunities to get involved here.

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