Become An Innovate for Maine Company!

Thursday, March 09, 2017 5:22 PM | Melissa Winne (Administrator)

Connecting Maine's best and brightest college students to the State's growing companies. 

Innovate for Maine Fellows can help accelerate company projects with their unique training and mentoring in innovation. Benefits of being an Innovate for Maine company includes the following: 

  • Future Workforce: You'll have opportunities to meet all of the selected fellows. Our fellows develop a stronger interest in staying in Maine after they graduate because they have been exposed to Maine's entrepreneurial landscape. This increases your chances of finding and retaining the future workforce you need.
  • Innovation Mentors: You and your fellow are matched with an innovation expert mentor to supervise and ensure that you both have a positive, productive experience. 
  • Work Location Flexibility: Students can work on-site with you or off-site at our facilities. 
  • Varying Project Durations: You can opt for full-time (400 hour), part-time (200 hour), or even short-term intern (less than 100 hour) projects.
  • Fellows are UMaine employees: You don't need to go through a lengthy hiring process. We handle all the recruiting, hiring, and training.
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