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  • Monday, January 23, 2023 8:24 AM | Rylee Ewald (Administrator)

    by Peregrine Turbine Technologies

    Wiscasset, ME– November 16, 2022 – Peregrine Turbine Technologies (PTT) announces the World’s First start and run of a sCO2 Brayton Cycle Turbine powered from phase change thermal energy storage.  This breakthrough enables greater penetration of renewable energy sources and accelerates the transition to clean energy.

    Successful Motorless / Black Start

    The November 17, 2022, successful test run was a motorless/black start of the Peregrine II 5.5:1 pressure ratio Turbopump using stored energy from PTT’s Thermal Energy Storage System. PTT’s first of kind Turbopump is the key component in Peregrine’s patented modular, high efficiency, high power density, energy conversion cycle.

    PTT’s breakthrough energy technology has applications to nuclear, concentrated solar thermal, biomass, and fossil energy conversion systems.

    The November 16 successful test run achieved these notable breakthroughs:

    • Successful Operation of Gen. II Peregrine sCO2 Turbopump. (PTT’s Gen I has over 500 hours of operation and testing at Sandia National Laboratories)
    • Successful quick-stop (2 seconds) shutdown of sCO2 system. Prior shutdown testing was 1 minute 50 seconds.
    • Successful demonstration of early-stage control and data collection system.
    • Commencement of the Company’s Proof of Concept (POC) Testing Campaign validating its commercial level components and system

    PTT test system is the highest performance sCO2 engine loop currently existing in the world.

    The testing campaign is the final step in preparing the Company’s advanced technology for Commercial demonstration in an active operating environment. This follows more than 3 years and 500 hours of successful testing of it sCO2 engine at Sandia National Laboratories’ Brayton Test Laboratory in Albuquerque, NM.

    The test was also the WORLD’S FIRST start and run of a sCO2 Brayton Cycle Turbine powered from Miscibility Gap Alloy (phase change) thermal energy storage. PTT has received awards from the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) in support of its leading development of Brayton cycle sCO2 gas turbine development for energy conversion.

    The Company has developed strong collaborations and working relationships with key suppliers that supplement the Company’s own resources.

    About Peregrine Turbine Technologies:

    PTT’s senior leadership team collectively has over 250 years of successful, demonstrated management of complex technologies, systems, products, and operations with Companies ranging from GE, Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney, Sundstrand, and Solar Turbines to Allied Signal, General Signal, Great Northern Paper Company, and American Capital.

    Peregrine’s  breakthrough technologies are changing the landscape of power generation and long duration energy storage. The Company is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of future platforms for advances in clean energy storage and conversion with a total energy management system.

    Peregrine’s  novel closed-cycle turbine engine and energy storage technology will demonstrate the world’s first economically viable alternative to grid-scale energy storage using Lithium Ion batteries. Its’ long duration energy storage (LDES) has 2X the life and is 1/3 the annualized cost of equivalent, current technology, Li-ion battery storage systems and without the toxic materials and associated reprocessing costs..

    Peregrine is bringing clean, affordable, sustainable energy solutions to the energy disadvantaged and emerging societies as well as  making way for net-zero carbon goals to become reality for larger scale grids.


    Learn more at

  • Monday, August 29, 2022 1:50 PM | Rylee Ewald (Administrator)

    Scott Libby, owner of Royal River Heat Pumps in Freeport, ME, said that he and his team are always dedicated to installing the highest quality heat pump possible. Royal River also looks to help Maine reach its electrification and carbon reduction goals. Libby, who has over 35 years of experience in the industry, founded the company in 2013, and is focused on ensuring the highest quality and integrity in heat pump installation.

    Royal River focuses on residential, commercial, and new construction installations. A residential heat pump gives customers an option to save money in comparison to heating options like oil and propane. Royal River is now a Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner, meaning residential and commercial customers can take advantage of Efficiency Maine’s rebate program. In June, Royal River Heat Pumps was recognized at the Efficiency Maine event for being a top performing contractor. You can read more about rebates for residential and commercial customers here.

    Last October, Scott Libby was a part of the E2Tech forum “What Works: Building a Clean Energy Workforce”, alongside other Maine employers and workforce development experts. This forum looked to explore employers' workforce struggles, and point them to resources. Royal River Heat Pumps is dedicated to reaching Maine’s climate goals, while also building Maine’s workforce. Royal River has plans to build a training center to move these goals further along, and send more people through training programs.

    To any of our E2Tech members looking to install heat pumps, consider learning more about Royal River Heat Pumps!

  • Monday, August 15, 2022 9:54 AM | Rylee Ewald (Administrator)

    Information Technology Exchange dba give IT. get IT., a nonprofit organization based out of Waterville, Maine that helps low-income people obtain computers, training and support to achieve their education and employment goals, just celebrated its 20th anniversary earlier this year (same as E2Tech!). What makes this digital inclusion program special is the way they acquire computers.

    give IT. get IT. picks up surplus technology from businesses all over New England (ideally, 3-5 years old), recycles all components, and certifies the secure destruction of company data. For busy IT directors, not having to waste internal resources to manually wipe hard drives is a real time saver that eliminates the threat of reputational risk in the form of company records becoming public information. The auditable report give IT. get IT. delivers at the conclusion of every recycling projects details whether the device was reused or recycled and verifies the destruction of the hard drive for total peace of mind.

    How did give IT. get IT. get its start? Cofounders Chris and Jodi Martin moved to Stockton Springs, ME in 1998. Chris began an IT and graphic design job, where he quickly recognized a technical knowledge gap between his coworkers. He soon gathered the company's old tech, and with the help of the production team, built new systems. After that, he organized a 3 week training program to help solidify his team's computer skills. “Graduates” of Chris’ training program moved up in the company’s ranks, and some even started their own businesses.

    Watching people get ahead in life after becoming computer literate inspired, Chris and Jodi to found Information Technology Exchange, the non-profit organization they’ve steadily grown and rebranded to give IT. get IT. in 2019.

    Jim Darroch, communications consultant for  give IT. get IT. said his message to the E2Tech network would be, “If your company is recycling its outdated tech with anyone but give IT. get IT, you're missing out on an opportunity to help people in need acquire the skills to land better jobs and contribute to Maine's economy. Best of all, you’re keeping all hazardous materials within your company’s surplus technology out of landfills. It truly is the ultimate win/win/win.”

    give IT. get IT. knows that without access to a personal computer, and the skills to use it, people become limited in their employment opportunities. To help foster digital inclusion, the organization provides thousands of individuals and families with refurbished, low cost computers, along with user support.

    To power their digital inclusion program, give IT. get IT relies on companies & organizations to donate retired corporate laptops and PC’s, as well as help with operating costs in the form of sponsorships. When your company works with give IT. get IT., you’ll not only benefit from their Zero Landfill Policy, you’ll be advancing their mission of technology access and literacy. You can learn more about give IT. get IT on their website. And if you’re interested in scheduling a pick up for your old computers and other tech devices and having them put to  good use, you can email Allen Cornwall at to get started!

  • Tuesday, July 05, 2022 3:00 PM | Rylee Ewald (Administrator)

    Efficiency Maine held its Annual Event at the Hilton Garden Inn in Freeport last month. This was the first time the event was held in the past three years due to Covid, and this year hosted over 200 people. The day consisted of morning awards honoring top-performing contractors, and an afternoon of workshops to dive into Efficiency Maine’s goals.

    E2Tech was honored to receive the Philip C. Hastings Award this year, which “recognizes an individual or organization whose exemplary efforts have furthered Maine’s goals of achieving maximum energy efficiency”. The Award was named after the original director of the state energy programs that were once administered by the Maine PUC. This award is meant to celebrate his legacy.

    “E2Tech fulfills a vital role in Maine, fostering robust discussion about issues that impact Maine’s businesses and environment,” said Michael Stoddard, Executive Director of Efficiency Maine, and long time E2Tech board member. Stoddard also complimented E2Tech forums that he considered “...indispensable in our efforts to raise awareness about new energy efficiency technologies and programs”.

    E2Tech is proud of its 325 member companies that are all dedicated to the same goal of advancing energy efficiency, sustainability, and the Maine economy.

  • Thursday, May 26, 2022 9:56 AM | Rylee Ewald (Administrator)

    Sebago Technics is an employee-owned creative engineering collective, headquartered in South Portland, Maine, with additional offices located throughout Southern & Western Maine. Everything they do is shaping. From land and relationships to careers and communities, Sebago Technics exists to do this work together, with their team, clients, and community.

    For over 40 years, Sebago Technics has provided all site and permitting services for projects from existing conditions and design to permitting and construction. Some of their well-known clients in Maine include:

    • L.L. Bean
    • Maine Medical Center
    • Martin’s Point Healthcare
    • Colby College
    • Bowdoin College
    • The Portland Jetport
    • MaineDOT
    • and numerous municipalities.

    Sebago Technics has received notable awards over the years such as the ENR New England Top Bridge Award, 2022 Best Places to Work in Maine, 2020 New England Chapter Employee-Owned Company of the Year, the ACEC National Grand Award, and multiple AGC Build Maine Awards, to name a few.

    Starting with a deep respect for people and process, Sebago Technics prides itself on forming a uniquely collaborative team around a client’s specific challenge. Each team member is encouraged to share ideas, solutions, and opportunities with the entire design team, along the way. They draw on their experience and expertise to create unseen opportunities together.

    According to Kylie Mason, Chief Operations Officer and Landscape Architect “The most rewarding part of the job is watching people enjoy the space you have designed, sometimes in new and unexpected ways.”

    What could it mean for you when an entire creative engineering collective is committed to your success? You’ll recognize it immediately when you engage with their team, and it is called the “Sebago Way”.

    E2Tech looks forward to welcoming Sebago Technics to our membership!

  • Wednesday, January 19, 2022 12:45 PM | Rylee Ewald (Administrator)

    7.45MW of Community Solar is Now Online in China, Maine

    E2Tech Sustaining Leader, PowerMarket, has been busy partnering with SunRaise on a community solar project in China, Maine that just went live. This project will support around 1,000 subscribers, and has begun to supply energy to the Central Maine Power utility grid. Subscribers will earn savings on the community solar credits they get from this project. 

    This will be the fourth project that SunRaise and PowerMarket have partnered on. PowerMarket is an employee owned community solar management company, with some of their employees living and working in Maine. SunRaise is a New England solar energy developer, owner, and operator. SunRaise manages 22 MW of community solar in the state of Maine currently. 

    “There has been a lot of discussion about reduction targets that we need to hit in order to reduce the impacts of climate change,” Patrick Jackson, Co-Founder of SunRaise Investments said. “Community solar will continue to play a large role in our ability to meet these goals nationally and right here in Maine. This project brings us another step closer to where we need to be.”

    News item from PowerMarket

    What is community solar? 

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “.... community solar (is) any solar project or purchasing program, within a geographic area, in which the benefits of a solar project flow to multiple customers such as individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and other groups” ( Community solar customers, or subscribers, receive credits from the electricity generated from these projects. Community solar is often a great alternative to installing your own panels at home.

    How does it help Maine reach reduction targets? 

    The energy created by these community solar projects doesn’t go directly to customers homes, but instead are fed through a power grid ( This stops the need for fossil fuels, and reduces harmful emissions. The electric power sector is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases in the U.S., and solar gives people a renewable and emission free resource ( 

  • Tuesday, December 14, 2021 10:30 AM | Rylee Ewald (Administrator)

    We're excited to welcome Shelby Wright, Casella Waste Systems Eastern Region Manager of Engagement, to our Program Committee!

    Shelby Wright - Casella Waste Systems, LLC

    Shelby is a passionate environmentalist that “talks trash” for a living. As the Eastern Region Manager of Engagement for Casella Waste Systems, LLC, she oversees governmental affairs, public relations, and community education and outreach initiatives for the Vermont-based waste management company in Maine.

    Prior to joining Casella in January 2021, she was the Director of Community Services at Coastal Resources of Maine, a recycling and solid waste processing facility in Hampden, ME from 2018 – 2020. There she managed all aspects of public affairs for the plant as well as governmental affairs, business development, commercial contracts, and commodity marketing.

    From 2015 to 2018, she was Director of Communications and Development for Maine Resource Recovery Association (MRRA.) At MRRA, she led education and outreach initiatives, organized events including the annual Maine Recycling and Solid Waste Conference and Trade Show, and headed up governmental affairs for the statewide recycling and solid waste industry non-profit.

    Shelby has served the Town of Hampden, ME as a Councilor at Large since 2011 and has just completed her last term wherein she presided as Mayor during 2021.

    She currently serves on the ME Climate Council Industrial Innovation Task Force and is the lead organizer for Maine Recycles Week.

    Welcome to the team, Shelby! 

  • Friday, December 10, 2021 10:30 AM | Rylee Ewald (Administrator)

    E2Tech gained five new Board Members, who were announced during our Holiday Mixer and Annual Meeting at Foundation Brewing December 1st! 

    We’re looking forward to welcoming them to their first Board meeting in January, and introducing them to our member network at future events! 

    Pips Veazey - UMaine Gateway 

    Dr. Alice “Pips” Veazey is the inaugural director of the Portland Gateway. She joins UMaine from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she was the principal investigator and project director of the Alaska National Science Foundation Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (NSF EPSCoR).

    Veazey received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bates College, and holds a master’s degree in oceanography and Ph.D. in team science leadership, both from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. Her research focuses on fostering the development of large interdisciplinary initiatives. Over the past decade, she has led numerous teams of students, educators, scientists, decision makers and community partners to increase research competitiveness, promote economic development efforts and expand statewide workforce programs.

    Russ Abell, PG, LSP - Sanborn Head

    Russ has been a member of E2Tech’s Membership and Marketing Committee before being elected to the Board. 

    He has more than 20 years of experience in hydrogeology, contaminant fate and transport, remediation, environmental compliance, and due diligence work.

    Russ is a graduate of Amherst College and earned a master’s degree in geoscience from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. In line with his specialization in legal matters, Russ serves on the Marketing Committee of E2 Tech, is an active member of the Licensed Site Professional Association, the American Bar Association Section of Energy and Environment, and the Environmental Law Institute.

    Vanessa Berry - ecomaine 

    From the classroom to the compost pile, Vanessa joined the ecomaine team in August of 2018 to provide education and resources to member communities and residents as an Environmental Educator. As an ecomaine educator, her role changes every day. From giving tours, to conducting trash audits with students, her main goal is to encourage others to follow the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, then Recycle! Vanessa received her B.S. in Elementary Education at the University of Maine at Farmington in 2015, and found her passion for the environment as a work-study student in UMF’s Sustainable Campus Coalition. She has previously served as an Energy Efficiency Coordinator with AmeriCorps, organized a Green Team at Chelsea Elementary School, and worked one-on-one with students as an Ed. Tech in an Autism and Behavior Program.

    Dale Knapp - BRI Environmental 

    Dale has also been a dedicated member of E2Tech’s Membership and Marketing Committee before being elected to the Board. 

    Dale is the company Principal of BRI Environmental based in Portland, Maine. Dale has over 20 years of professional experience in natural sciences, permitting, and management. He is a regionally recognized natural resource consultant, and carries the following professional certifications: Certified Soil Scientist, Licensed Site Evaluator, Certified Environmental Professional, Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, and Professional Wetland Scientist. Energy projects have been a focus of Dale's professional practice and he has played a key role in the development and permitting of 17 operational wind projects, over 100 grid scale solar projects, and 15 high voltage transmission lines in New England alone.

    Carrie Gilbert - Daymark EA

    Carrie works closely with policymakers, regulators, renewable energy developers, and large C&I customers engaged in renewable energy markets. She is an expert on state and regional renewable energy policy and economics and she provides strategic and technical advice to clients pursuing decarbonization and sustainability goals. Carrie has appeared as an expert before FERC and before state regulatory agencies in Arkansas, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.

    Welcome to the Board Pips, Russ, Vanessa, Dale and Carrie! 

    You can read more about all our Board Members on our website: 

    E2Tech - Our Board

  • Tuesday, November 16, 2021 8:35 AM | Marty Grohman (Administrator)

    As E2Tech nears its 20th anniversary, we can’t help but think back to the roots of the organization, and how E2Tech developed into the catalyst it is today. 

    One can't discuss the history of E2Tech without acknowledging the long time commitment of founding president, John Ferland. In our most recent Board retreat, John shared some remarks on his time and growth with the organization, along with inspiration for its future, as he wraps up his service on the board. 

    For John, a planned two year commitment to E2Tech, back when it was the Environmental Business Council of Maine, became a seven year stint as part-time executive director and later several terms as a board member. He mentioned E2Tech’s Forums and programming, and how they’ve become a cornerstone of our organization, influencing public policy and helping grow Maine's cleantech industry, as particular highlights. 

    John also thanked the past and current members of the board who he believes “represent the best leadership and capacity for vision and action that our industry sector has to offer”. Now president of fast-growing startup Ocean Renewable Power Co, John says that he would not be where he is today, professionally, without the “intellectual strength” the organization has brought to the renewable energy sector. 

    E2Tech hasn’t always been the stable, well-oiled machine it is today. A strong executive committee, a board of highly qualified leaders, and a legacy of executive directors has led to its success. John went on to outline some challenges and opportunities for the future of E2Tech: 

    In light of the pandemic era, “it seems that just about every organization under the sun has entered the market for video conference the need to focus our efforts and remain true to the organization’s vision, mission and priorities remains as imperative as ever."  In a new hybrid work environment of Zoom calls and remote work, E2Tech will need to continue to come up with new innovative ideas to engage through online forums, while also sticking true to our mission. 

    John ended his speech on the opportunities that lay ahead:

    “We have entered a new election cycle. This is yet another opportunity to share the E2Tech brand with the marketplace as we facilitate and moderate programs among candidates and ideas... There is an unprecedented amount of public funding entering the market focusing on clean energy’s role in infrastructure improvement, technical training and job creation, and investment in underserved communities. The need is greater than ever to not only explain these opportunities to members, but to also assist the agencies in identifying needs and priorities for investment.” 

    Staying true to our mission, while finding new and contemporary ways to overcome challenges, will always be the focus of the future here at E2Tech. Most importantly though, continuing to be a reliable resource for growing Maine’s energy & environmental sector. 

    A big thank you to John Ferland for his work to grow E2Tech into the organization that it is today, and all best wishes for the future!

  • Wednesday, October 20, 2021 7:11 AM | Marty Grohman (Administrator)

    Did you see this great coverage of our forum on building a clean energy workforce, in Mainebiz? Take a look:

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