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Maine's 128th Legislative Session - Year 2 Outlook (December 2017)

Monday, December 04, 2017 3:34 PM | Anonymous

Maine's first year of a two-year 128th Legislative Session closed in August with a slate of energy and environmental bills passed, carried over, or dead!

More than 400 bills need action in the 128th Legislature 2nd session. Among them are 319 that were held over from the first session, 63 new bills approved for consideration by legislative leaders, and 41 bills submitted by Gov. Paul LePage. In a closely divided Legislature, several key lawmakers are running for governor, including the Senate President, Senate Majority Leader, and House Minority Leader. This political dynamic could spill over into deliberations over a number of controversial bills related to energy, criminal justice, health and human services, and taxes.

The 2nd session is scheduled to begin on Jan. 3 and conclude on April 18. 

Some Energy & Environmental Bills Carried Over Include:

  • LD 131 An Act to Protect the Biomass Industry
  • LD 257 An Act to Enable Municipalities Working with Utilities to Establish Microgrids
  • LD 260 An Act to Create the Maine Energy Office
  • LD467 An Act to Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue to Address Changes in Sea Level
  • LD 532 An Act to Remove the 100-megawatt Limit on Hydroelectric Generators under the Renewable Resources Laws
  • LD 656 An Act to Improve the Ability of Maine Companies to Manufacture and Market Bioplastics
  • LD 1095 An Act to Establish the Maine Coastal Risks and Hazards Commission
  • LD 1248 An Act to Improve Public Transportation in Maine
  • LD 1373 An Act to Protect and Expand Access to Solar Power in Maine
  • LD 1444 An Act Regarding Large-scale Community Solar Procurement
  • LD 1487 An Act to Control Transmission Costs through the Development of Nontransmission Alternatives
  • LD 1515 An Act to Reduce Electric Rates for Maine Businesses by Amending the Laws Governing Spending from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Trust Fund
  • LD 1632 An Act to Establish the Manufacturing Jobs Energy Program

New Energy & Environmental Bills for the Second Session Include:

  • LR 2474 An Act Regarding a Biomass-generated Energy Purchase and Sale Agreement and Payments to Contractors
  • LR 2584 An Act to Eliminate Gross Metering for Energy Generation
  • LR 2594 An Act to Revise the Renewable Portfolio Standard Laws to Require Certain Hydropower Facilities to Qualify as Class I Resources
  • LR 2603 An Act to Protect the Right to Self-generate Electricity
  • LR 2608 Resolve, Establishing the Commission to Study the Economic, Environmental and Energy Benefits of Energy Storage to the Maine Electricity Industry
  • LR 2626 Resolve, To Join the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification 
  • LR 2634 An Act to Ensure Equity in the Funding of Maine’s Transportation Infrastructure by Imposing an Annual Fee on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles 
  • LR 2712 An Act to Allow Hydropower Facilities to Sell Power Directly to Rural Manufacturing and Industrial Sites
  • LR 2736 An Act to Update the Allowance Budget for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
  • LR 2786 An Act to Protect Maine Residents and Businesses from Rising Electricity Costs

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