E2Tech is a Referral Partner of Maine Green Power

For Mainers, by Mainers  The Choice for Maine-made Renewable Energy

E2Tech is proud to be a referral partner of Maine Green Power! 

Maine Green Power is a way for your home or business to choose Maine-made renewable energy through your current utility bill. The average Maine home can match its electricity use with Maine Green Power for $8.95 more per month.

Our lifestyle and economy depend on keeping Maine healthy and beautiful and that is one reason Mainers are known for making smart environmental choices. Today, thanks to Maine Green Power — a program sponsored by the Maine Public Utilities Commission — we have an environmentally minded choice with our electricity too.

What is Green Power?

When you join Maine Green Power you are choosing to support electricity made from resources such as solar, hydro, wind, biomass, and tidal technologies. These resources are renewable, unlike fossil fuels, meaning they do not pollute and will not run out. Enrolling in the program supports our tradition of making smart, productive use of our resources.

Choosing Green Power is Simple

Maine Green Power is available in full and half-block options. A full block equals 500 kWh, the average monthly Maine household usage, and costs $8.95 more per month in addition to your regular electricity bill. Residential customers can purchase up to four blocks and businesses can purchase as much as they need; there is no limit. There is no need to purchase or install any equipment. Since Maine Green Power is not a competitive supplier you will not need to change any of your monthly bills. Your green power purchase is simply added to your existing electricity bill as a separate line item, in addition to your usual monthly expense. 

How it Works

Maine Green Power is a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) product. 
When renewable electricity is generated, an equivalent amount of renewable energy certificates are created. When you join, you are purchasing RECs. Your purchase supports local renewable electricity power generators, reduces your carbon footprint, and builds demand for Maine-based renewable energy. 

Maine Green Power is available in full and half blocks. No contract is required to participate in this program and you may cancel your enrollment at any time without penalty. 

Have questions? Visit the Maine Green Power webpage to learn more!

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