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E2Tech Policies

Antitrust Policy

Some of our members are in direct competition, so E2Tech has an Antitrust Policy. Members should be careful at E2Tech functions and events and avoid anticompetitive actions, such as discussion of rates, charges and fees.

Transparency Policy

E2Tech believes in transparency and that the sharing of institutional information with our members, partners, and the public will lead to more impactful programming, improved services to the broader community, growth in membership, and additional requests for partnerships.

In accordance with our five-year strategic plan (adopted July 2020), E2Tech measures its success by compiling data on the following impacts of membership services and program activities:

  • Experience satisfaction reported by businesses and other parties supported by E2Tech

  • Experience satisfaction reported by core partners supported

  • Number of members

  • Number of members at enhanced membership levels

  • Number of events executed (forums, networking events)

  • Number of attendees at each event

  • Number of strategic partners engaged

  • Number and type of matches and connections made between businesses and resources (including mentors, strategic partners, investors, service providers, information, and technology and business development resources), and where possible, quantitative and qualitative outcomes of these connections

Success will be measured through regularly surveying participants about their experience and the value they received as a result of engagement with E2Tech events, programs and projects. To measure economic impact on the cluster and the companies involved, E2Tech may gather information about key metrics for participating companies (dollars raised, commercialization milestones met, revenue or profit amounts). It will identify through surveys and/or ongoing check-ins with a cross-section of members whether E2Tech activities directly resulted in business transactions, such as investments, partnerships or customer relationships.  

Our tax returns are public documents and recent ones are available for public review from Propublica:

Members and others who are interested in additional aspects of operations, administration and finance may contact us at Guest are welcome at our bi-monthly board meetings. 

Photo Video Policy

By registering and attending an E2Tech event, the attendee grants E2Tech the right to use the attendee's name, image, and likeness, including but not limited to any photographs or video taken at the event, for content marketing purposes. 

Attendees may take pictures and videos for social media and marketing purposes but agree not to misrepresent, defame, or contain disparaging, misleading, or negative remarks about E2Tech, its products, its sponsors, or other people, products, or companies, or their products attending and involved in the event. Failure to cooperate will be subject to lawful requests to remove such content.

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